NoahNoah was 2.5 years old when he had his first seizure, a grand mal, on Thanksgiving Day 2003. Over the next few weeks he would have different types of seizures and after starting medication, he had hundreds of seizures a day. We found that the doctoral care we had at the time was not experienced with the type of epilepsy Noah had, so we found hope in Dr. Laux at Children’s Memorial Hospital’s Epilepsy Center in Chicago. She diagnosed Noah with Myoclonic-Astatic Epilepsy (also known as MAE and Doose Syndrome.)

Her first suggestion for Noah’s treatment was the Ketogenic Diet. By day 4 on the diet, Noah was seizure-free. He remained on the diet over 2.5 years, having only one breakthrough seizure in the fall of 2004 due to an ear infection. He remains seizure-free and med-free to this day. Noah weaned off the diet by August 2006, just as he began Kindergarten with other kids his age. He is currently in 1st grade and progressing wonderfully!

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