Take Action — Prevent Medicaid Cuts!

Medicaid is important to the epilepsy community—but its future is under attack. The Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago urges you to join advocates nationwide for Medicaid call-in days on Tuesday, June 14, Wednesday, June 15, and Thursday, June 16.

Across the nation, advocates will urge members of Congress to preserve the Medicaid program. You can join this effort and call Congress toll-free at 1-866-922-4970.  Call to ask your members to preserve health care access for seniors and our most vulnerable families and to stop cuts to Medicaid program!

Medicaid is a joint federal-state program that plays a critical role in providing health services to many children, adults, and seniors with disabilities. Many people with epilepsy rely upon two of its most important benefits: 1.) prescription drug coverage for many low-income and disabled beneficiaries; and 2.) a health insurance program that provides health insurance to children (SCHIP).

Our message:  “DON’T CUT MEDICAID!” Cuts to this vital program will only shift costs to states and transfer the burden to seniors, people with disabilities, children and their families. Please oppose proposals for deep spending cuts and severe spending caps that would change the structure of Medicaid.  Reducing the deficit is important, but the approach must be fair and balanced, regognizing the health care needs of our nation’s programs and states.

Both the US Senate and House are back in DC and in session this week. Now is the time to ask them to reject cuts or changes to Medicaid.

Join the Call to Action:  Click here and enter your zip code NOW to get the contact info for your elected officials!

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