Because I have suffered from epilepsy almost my whole life, I have always had somewhat of a problem of being depressed. Epilepsy has kept me from doing so many things that I have wanted to do throughout my life. I tried joining the military, but Uncle Sam said “No”. Then when I tried getting into sports again, my seizures went out of control and my dreams of becoming a fighter in the ring were gone. 

I’ve had people see me as the guy with seizures my whole life and even a majority of my own relatives have forgotten about me. Whenever I would try to explain seizures to them they would just ignore me and forget about me not only because of seizures, but because of side affects of medication.

Because of depression I have tried many ways to cope so that I would still be able to enjoy life. 

One way that I have learned to cope is through art. Both admiring it and making it, so imagine how exited I was to hear that the EPILEPSY FOUNDATION OF GREATER CHICAGO had developed a program called, STUDIO E: ART THERAPY PROGRAM. 

This program was managed by people who both enjoy working with people who have epilepsy and love making and admiring artwork. We would first make our own artwork then try to describe it for everyone in the program. That too was fun for me since I always enjoy showing my artwork to others.

The only downside is that it’s over for 2011. I just hope that the EPILEPSY FOUNDATION OF A GREATER CHICAGO has the program again next year.

I also would definitely recommend that anyone who suffers from Epilepsy should find a way cope with their emotions through artwork because like myself, you will not only have fun, but you will also make new friends.

-Sean “Seanito” Kelly

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