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UCSF Shares $25-Million Grant to Find Epilepsy Genes
Published on January 24, 2012

To probe the genetic secrets of one of the most common neurological diseases, more than 4,000 people with various forms of epilepsy will have their DNA decoded over the next five years in a study led by researchers at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) and several collaborating institutions. Read more…

Researchers discover source of infant epilepsy
Published on January 17, 2012

ADELAIDE researchers have unlocked a 20-year mystery about a type of epilepsy in infants. It is caused by a single mutation in one gene. Read more…

Implantable prosthetic could help prevent epileptic seizures
Published on January 5, 2012

A system that could electronically detect and prevent epileptic seizures is under development at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Read more…

Heroes Night 2011 Films are Available for Viewing on YouTube
Published on December 22, 2011

SCHAWK! – a brand deployment agency, located in Chicago, created these inspirational documentaries for our Heroes Night Gala held on November 11, 2011. These masterful short films capture the spirit and grace of the 2011 Heroes Night honorees. Watch and enjoy!

Barriers to Epilepsy Care Continue to Frustrate
Published on December 22, 2011

BALTIMORE – People with epilepsy – and their physicians – report that they continue to encounter barriers to optimal care, according to Dr. Sandra Helmers. Read more…