Operation Outreach: Veterans’ Education & Assistance Program

Operation Outreach

Operation Outreach

War can have a serious impact on a soldier’s life and its physical and emotional effects can be over­whelming. As more U.S. soldiers return from Iraq and Afghanistan, studies are showing a significant connec­tion between head injuries sustained in combat and epilepsy. Operation Outreach has been designed to help veterans suddenly faced with the challenges of epilepsy understand the disorder and how to best man­age their lives.

By participating in Operation Out­reach, veterans develop the knowl­edge and skills necessary to handle common issues associated with epilepsy, a complex disorder that this program works to uncover. Other challenges such as emotional insta­bility, feelings of isolation, medication compliance, navigating public ben­efits and vocational counseling, are also addressed between veterans and their case managers. Through Operation Outreach, the Epilepsy Foundation is able to reach out and assure that all soldiers faced with epi­lepsy are not alone.

The Facts.

  • Up to 50% of veterans returning from the Middle East with traumatic brain injuries and post traumatic stress disorder may develop epilepsy
  • Evidence of brain injury has been found in 61% of returning soldiers who have been exposed to blasts
  • Post traumatic seizures can take up to 15 years to manifest

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