Seizure Smart Schools Education Initiative

Seizure Smart Schools

Seizure Smart Schools

Four programs designed to provide students and staff with proper information related to seizure recognition and first aid, as well as to alleviate the stigma and misconceptions surrounding epilepsy within the school environment.

Epilepsy in the Classroom (K-4)

A thirty minute presentation that provides information on epilepsy and how it affects the brain and body for children 4-9 years old. It helps students better understand what happens to a classmate who is having a seizure and reassures them that there is no danger in interacting and playing with a classmate who has epilepsy.

Take Charge of the Facts (5-12)

Geared toward an older age bracket, this program gives students a basic understanding of epilepsy as a medical condition. The stu­dents learn about different types of seizures and what to do when someone is having one. The aim of this program is to dispel myths and reduce stigmas associated with epilepsy among teenagers

Managing Students with Seizures (School Nurses/CNAs/LPNs)

This training session provides school nurses with information, strategies, and resources that allow them to better manage students with seizures. The program focuses on positive treatment outcomes and maximizing developmental and educational opportunities. Nurses will be trained in first aid, seizure types, treatment options, and how to edu­cate other staff about epilepsy.

Personnel Seizure Training (Teachers/Support Staff)

This program helps school staff recognize the different kinds of seizures and the impact they can have on their students. The staff will be educated on current treatment options as well as their side effects. Staff will also be trained in first aid and the process of creating a seizure action plan.

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